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If you are from the Maitland area and need help with an official Slip And Fall claim, let The Lawrence Law Firm be there for you. For many years we have helped clients efficiently handle their claims and achieved a great amount of success in the Maitland area courts. 

A life-changing Slip And Fall can occur to anyone at any time, so when you or someone you care about has suffered, your legal rights must be protected. At The Lawrence Law Firm, we take our job as your dedicated Slip And Fall legal team very seriously. Our goal, here at The Lawrence Law Firm, is to guide you through the complex Maitland area legal process and bring you proper representation.

At The Lawrence Law Firm, we are here to assist you with your Slip And Fall matters. When dealing with a lengthy Slip And Fall situation, you will likely run into more than just physical pain. In most Slip And Fall cases, there are out-of-pocket medical expenses which your health insurance does not cover. At the same time, your Slip And Fall may keep you from earning a steady income to support yourself and your family. If you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident and you are from or near the Maitland area, it is important that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer such as The Lawrence Law Firm on your side. 

We want to help you, so call us at The Lawrence Law Firm today!

After many years of representing clients in the Maitland area courts, we know the pain that can come from a traumatic Slip And Fall related incident. Do not let insurance companies in the Maitland area take advantage of your vulnerable Slip And Fall situation. Call us at (407) 738-4866 today.

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