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At The Lawrence Law Firm, we have achieved success with countless clients throughout the Maitland area. Over the course of many years, we have helped clients get their due compensation, allowing ease in their payment of medical bills caused by a terrible dog bite. 

Your insurance company holds the purse strings to your rightful compensation during dog bite cases. Without forceful legal representation from The Lawrence Law Firm, you cannot expect your case to go well. Trust our legal professionals to handle your dog bite cases in the Maitland area. We will use our many years of experience to devote ourselves completely to your case so you can feel assured that your rights are observed.

After a life-changing dog bite or other accident resulting in your injury, the inevitable medical bills and absence from work can leave you in financial chaos. For this reason, you have the right to make an official dog bite claim and be compensated for your misfortune. If you are from the Maitland area, the legal team at The Lawrence Law Firm can help you through this process. 

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If you have suffered from dog bite matters at the hand of another’s neglect, do not hesitate to call. We at The Lawrence Law Firm strive to provide representation to those who have suffered in the Maitland area.

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